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drink plenty of water to make your kidneys fit

World Kidney Day 12 March is celebrated every year all across the world on second of Thursday in the month of March. It is celebrated to make the common public aware about the diseases and problems of the kidneys in order to reduce the occurrence of kidney diseases as well as all the associated health problems of the kidneys.

The World Health Organisation has predicted that India would be the diabetes capital of the world by 2025; thus our country would have the maximum number of diabetics, and since a significant number of them would develop kidney disease, we can expect that those with chronic kidney disease would rise exponentially.

The common causes of chronic kidney disease:

  • diabetes mellitus
  • hypertension
  • kidney stones
  • urinary tract infections
  • a group of diseases known as glomerulonephritis
  • certain medications (pain killers, certain antibiotics
  • some medicines used for treatment of cancer, heavy metals used in medicines)
  • few inherited disorders (polycystic kidney disease, Alport’s  syndrome, congenital abnormalities of     kidneys and urinary tract).

Acute kidney injury can be caused by severe infections (including urinary tract infections, rat fever, malaria and many bacterial or viral infections), the loss of large amounts of blood from the body, severe dehydration, fall in blood pressure due to various reasons and allergic reaction to drugs belonging to different systems of treatment.

common symptoms:

swelling of face and feet, decrease in urine output, loss of appetite, nausea , vomiting, general weakness and pallor, blood in urine, pain in the loins and high blood pressure.

About Kidney:

Health tips for kidney health:

1.keeping yourself fit and active as exercises helps in reducing blood pressure and thus reduces the risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease. This event celebration motivates people for daily walking, running and cycling exercises.

2.  by maintaining and controlling the normal the blood sugar level as high blood sugar level lead to the diabetes and thus kidney damage

3. regular monitoring of your blood pressure as high blood pressure lead to the heart attack or stroke thus causes kidney damage.

4. eating healthy and maintaining normal weight as overweight and unhealthy eating habit lead to the diabetes, heart diseases and many other problems lead to the Chronic Kidney Disease

5. by maintaining the normal fluid intake on daily basis (at least 3 to 4 litres a day) as it helps the kidneys to filters out sodium, urea and other body toxins from body which may lead to the risk of developing chronic kidney diseases.

6. avoiding smoking or getting in contact with other smoking person as it slows down the blood flow to the kidneys which lessens their ability to function well as well as enhances the risk of kidney cancer by 50%.

7.  regular check up of your kidney functions and developing of diabetes, hypertension, obese, family history of kidney disease and etc.

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