Know It, Prevent It: World TB Day 2017

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क्या आप जानते हैं की –


Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.


In 2015, 10.4 million people fell ill with TB and 1.8 million died from the disease (including 0.4 million among people with HIV). Over 95% of TB deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.


TB statistics in India

TB statistics in India

With India leading the count,largest number of new TB cases occurred in Asia, with 61% of new cases, followed by Africa, with 26% of new cases.


In 2015, an estimated 1 million children became ill with TB and 170 000 children died of TB (excluding children with HIV).


TB is a leading killer of HIV-positive people: in 2015, 35% of HIV deaths were due to TB.

TB - Global Perspective ( image-

TB – Global Perspective ( image-


Globally in 2015, around 480 000 people developed multidrug-resistant TB ( info source- )




TB Elimination needs Combind Efforts (image -

TB Elimination needs Combind Efforts (image –

जनमानस में क्षय रोग के प्रति जागरूकता बढ़ाने के उद्देश्य से ” World TB Day” is observed all across the globe on 24th March.


The Theme for this year is ” Unite to End TB” which emphasizes on active participation of all people to identify, cure n prevent TB. 



Tuberculosis is an airborne disease cause by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, transmitted from the infected person to another weak person through the droplets formed in the throat or lungs. When a person with lung TB cough, sneeze or spit, they propel the TB germs into the air. When another unaffected person gets in contact with those germs, he/she will too become infected. TB is prevelant in all age groups. 





टीबी के कुछ प्रमुख्य लक्षण हैं –

खांसी( जो अधिक समय से हो रही हो ),


खांसने पर बलगम के साथ खून आना,

छाती में दर्द,

कमजोरी/ थकान,

symptoms of TB

symptoms of TB

वजन कम होना,


रात में पसीना आना,


respiratory distress.





बच्चों को भी टीबी हो सकता है, जिसमे सबसे ज्यादा पल्मोनरी टी बी करीब २०-३०% बच्चों में, miliary disease तथा टी बी मेनिनजाइटिस शिशुओं में होता है. शिशुओं को BCG का टीका लगाकर टीबी से बचाया जा सकता है. 



Diagnosis of TB is made by – 


Acute pulmonary TB can be easily seen on an X-ray
TB skin test he Mantoux TB test
The Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRAs)
Serological tests for TB
Smear microscopy of sputum
fluorescent microscopy
drug susceptibility tests




Prevention of TB- 


टीबी की रोकथाम के लिए सबसे जरुरी है उन व्यक्तियों की पहचान जो एक्टिव कैरियर हो, साथ ही संक्रमण को एक व्यक्ति से दूसरे को फैलने न देना, पीड़ित व्यक्ति को सही समय पर चिकित्सा उपलब्ध कराना

Prevention is the best remedy

Prevention is the best remedy


To prevent people with latent TB from developing active, and infectious, TB disease.

Isoniazid should be taken daily for at least six months and preferably nine months.

खांसी आने पर/ छिकतें समय नाक /मुँह को ढकना

Using face masks





TB is a treatable and curable disease. First-line agents include
rifampin, isoniazid (INH), pyrazinamide, ethambutol, andstreptomycin.

Second-line agents are capreomycin, ciprofloxacin, cycloserine,ethionamide, kanamycin,ofloxacin, levofloxacin, and para-aminosalicylic acid.



Spread more Awareness… Lets make a TB Free World….



Stay Healthy..!!



Dr. Pooja Pathak

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