Early Intervention Program

Early intervention services during the first three years can make a big difference in a child’s life. Early intervention services are designed to enable young children to be active, independent and successful in every areas of life. Families play a critical role in early intervention. Early intervention services help eligible children ages birth to 3 develop and learn. Early intervention services support families to help their child’s healthy development.

The overall aim of these services is to provide parents and families with the knowledge, skills and support to meet the needs of their child and to optimise the child’s development and ability to participate in family and community life. All services are provided using a family-centred approach, recognising the importance of working in partnership with the family.

Benefits of interventions can be found in the following areas:

  • Higher intelligence scores.
  • Higher and timelier school enrollment.
  • Less grade repetition and lower dropout rates.
  • Higher school completion rates.
  • Improved nutrition and health status.
  • Improved social and emotional behavior.
  • Improved parent-child relationship.
  • Increased earning potential and economic self-sufficiency as an adult.