Cerebral Palsy Intervention: Role of Intensive Suit Therapy

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in Swavalamban Blog

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Thera suit is a bio-mechanical suit used to increase feedback to the brain and enhance purposeful movement. The thera suit is comprised of hat,vest,knee pads along with custom made shoes worn by the child or adult having cerebral palsy.

The suit comprises of multiple adjustable rings and elastic band on the garment that can be adjusted to provide pressure and support the affected muscles and joints.The bungee cords are are placed at specific points and the whole suit will act as an exoskeleton for the child by keeping the body in proper anatomical alignment thereby helping in normalizing the muscle tone and preventing the risk for developing limb deformities.

Wearing the suit during exercise program will help in reducing the effects of spasticity,athetosis,hypertonia,hypotonia and ataxia. The suit provides proprioceptive input thereby helping a child to build strength for performing various activities.

Other benefits of therasuit are as followed:

1. retrains central nervous system
2. Restores ontogenic development
3. provides external stabilization
4. normalize muscle tone
5. provide dynamic correction
6. normalizes gait pattern
7. provides tactile stimulation
8. improves balance
9. improves coordination
10. support weak muscles
11. decreased uncontrolled movement in ataxia and athetosis

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