Success Stories

Our Success Stories:


A 1.5 year old boy, had been diagnosed as infantile hemiplegia, with presenting complaints of inability to lift and use his left upper extremity, no hand grasp,unilateral neglect, didn’t able to stand independently, no speech development.

The therapeutic protocol initiated for him include the principles of Neuro-Developmental Therapy,thereby engaging him in bilateral n midline trunk rotation activities, weight bearing and postural awareness towards affected side of the body through various playful activities.

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Master Sarthak..

4 yr old boy presenting difficulty in receptive and expressive speech, does not able to identify colors and shapes, poor fine motor coordination hand skills, doesn’t able to hold pencil. His social interaction was also poor, did not initiate communication.

He has been enrolled in Speech and language therapy program along with Eye- hand coordination training and Hand writing training program. Significant changes have been observed after 3 months of therapeutic intervention.Now the child is able to initiate communication, identifies and matches colors, shapes; able to read and write alphabets,numbers.

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Baby Tanu

Baby Tanu had been diagnosed with 99% hearing loss in both ears, even after using hearing aid she was unable to listen and understand sound. After joining Swavalamban, she was enrolled in “Swar” a speech and language therapy program that refines the child’s ability to comprehend in a better way.Earlier she didn’t respond on being called up by her name, not able to read and write.

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Miss Priyanka

She’s has been diagnosed as infantile hemiplegic cerebral palsy, had history of delayed development, unable to perform activities of daily living, requires assistance in performing everyday task, poor balance co-ordination and equilibrium reactions along with speech articulation problems. After joining SCRC, now she is fully independent in her self care activities, able to write, able to walk properly. Her speech, pronunciation has been significantly improved

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